Principal Teacher Autism – B6 Elgin Academy MOR03654

Job Description 1. Principal Teacher Duties 1.1. The duties of a Principal Teacher are drawn from the outline of duties as set out in Annex B of “A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century” (a) responsibility for the leadership, good management and strategic direction of colleagues (b) curriculum development and quality assurance (c) contributing to the development of schools policies in relation to the behaviour management of pupils (d) the management and guidance of colleagues (e) reviewing the CPD needs, career development and performance of colleagues (f) the provision of advice, support and guidance to colleagues (g) responsibility for the leadership, good management and strategic direction of pastoral care within the department (h) assisting in the management, deployment and development of pastoral care staff (i) implementation of whole school policies dealing with guidance issues, pastoral care, assessment and pupil welfare (j) working in partnership with colleagues, parents, other specialist agencies and staff in other schools as appropriate 1.2. Taking into account the policies of the Education and Social Care Services Department, Headteachers or Senior Officers will determine the management duties of Principal Teachers, which will be subject to review, as required. Any change of these duties will follow a formal consultation process with individual colleagues. 1.3. Duties must be capable of being undertaken within contractual time and will have regard to teacher workload. The Individual A relocation package of £5400 (exclusive of VAT) may be available for this post
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