Teacher Gaelic Condorrat PS & NC & Gaelic Unit

Job Advertisement Teacher (Gaelic) Condorrat Primary School & Nursery Class & Gaelic Unit You will require to become a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme member prior to commencing in this role. Any offer of appointment to this post is subject to a satisfactory Head Teacher report and any other appropriate conditions. If appointed we will contact your HT/Referee by email to complete the report. Teacher/Music Instructor commencing during the academic year. For any Teacher/Music Instructor who commences employment during the academic year, depending on the date, the teacher may owe the new Authority monies. If the teacher has transferred from another Scottish Local Authority they may have received an inflated final salary payment. When an employee has a negative balance on starting, the following action will take place: If the employee has commenced from another Scottish local authority, they will have received a balancing payment through that local authority’s leaver payment. In these circumstances, the negative balance should be recovered as quickly as possible. If the employee has commenced and has not joined from another Scottish local authority the negative balance should be spread equally amongst the remaining months of the year We will inform any employee in this situation before pay day advising them of how the negative balance will be recovered This post is apply on-line only. North Lanarkshire Council – Recruitment Charter
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